Unhappy with Twenty Ten

I have myself been reading blogs and other interesting websites I follow with a feed reader application for many years. Currently I’m using Reeder on iPhone and Mac (beta version available). I rarely see the look and feel of websites, unless the RSS feed only has the excerpt of a post, or if I want to write a comment.

There are some blogs that always seem to have a new fresh layout when I visit them, but most people (including me) are too busy or lazy to create a new layout every month. When you find a layout that works for you, it’s easy to stick with it and never update.

I am a little bit unhappy with the looks of my blog. I’m currently using the default WordPress theme, called Twenty Ten, without any major customizations. I know most of my readers are using a feed reader application, e.g. Google Reader, so the looks really should not matter, because they never see what my blog looks like. They just see the content. But there is some traffic coming from search engines, Twitter and Facebook, and they will see the layout.

This layout is not personal. It’s not mine. I have to create a new one.