Year plus plus

Today is the last working day in this year, so it’s time to say goodbye to year 2010. Ride has been bumpy and tough. Really tough. Year 2010 has been the most difficult in my life. It’s also been one of the best. Not the first half, but the second.

During the first six months I was constantly thinking what I want to do with my life. Family and work were both something I wasn’t happy with. This of course lead to crisis, where every wall was falling at the same time. Then the roof came and collapsed, leaving me to struggle my way through the rubble. Rise up. Breath again. Be free.

I quit my job. I started in new one. Divorced and moved on my own after almost ten years. Buried my dearest grandparents. All this happened too soon, too quick. But I survived and got stronger.

Life goes on and smiles again. Thanks to great friends, who have given me their strong support and hope. You know who you are. With your help it was a lot easier to travel through sorrow and pain. I’ve been happier and everything looks better now. I believe next year will be good. Really good.

What else happened?

I got my bachelor’s degree finished. There is still lots of work to do until my studies are complete. Maybe in 2012 I’ll have two master’s degrees. That’s insane.

I have seen numerous good gigs from great bands. Played couple of good ones myself and really started playing drums again regularly.

I have the best workmates ever. I feel we have a good spirit. Let’s keep it that way.

I started saving money. I want to travel. Next trip will be to Ireland and Northern Ireland in May. Renting a car. Driving around. Scary, if you know what Irish traffic is like. And they drive on the wrong side of the road! Some day I want to see New York. Not maybe next year, but it’ll be there waiting for me.

And sports? I have really enjoyed sports again. Yesterday I played some ice hockey. I haven’t been skating much in years, but it went pretty well. I’m considering buying a pair of skates and a hockey stick. Indoor cycling while watching TV series is a regular activity now. At least once a week. In January I will continue practicing my martial arts skills in wushu kung fu. I’ve lost about 13 kg of weight in 8 months, which is nice. I still have lots of extra to lose, but I try not to stress about it.

Let’s see what next year brings. I’m ready and happy with my life.

Marrow of the Spirit has arrived

There was a long waited surprise waiting for me when I got back home from work. The brand new Agalloch album Marrow of the Spirit had finally arrived.

I don’t really buy that much cds or vinyls anymore, but usually I try to spend my money in music that isn’t just plastic hits made for radio and masses to consume. I want to support bands and artists who write great music and love what they do and want to share their work with the whole world without nagging how internet piracy and Spotify are taking all their money.

This album is a limited black edition and numbered 525/2000. I hope it will someday be a valuable piece of music. Not because it will probably be worth more money after couple of years, but because it’s great stuff.