The pool of creativity and blogging

Today, I saw a presentation about blogging and gained some new insights about a blog as a tool in leveraging your business and delivering content to your readers and the online world. That presentation reminded me that I still have this blog and I really should write more actively.

When I first started blogging in 2003 (sorry, those posts are not available anymore), a little bit over eight years ago, only a few people new what a blog was and many were thinking why someone would like to present his or her own opinions publicly on the Internet. My first posts were mostly about trying to quit smoking, studying, and other stuff that belonged to the haircut category of non-interesting topics that happen in everyday life.

Since then, I’ve written about music, politics, computers, studying, latest news and many other topics, including the haircut, but my pen keyboard is really not so sharp anymore.

I’ve often wondered where does the energy go that earlier gave me the drive to write and present my thoughts. Sometimes I feel that a human being has a limited capacity of creativity. Consider it as a pool of wonderful thoughts and ideas. Every time we tweet, comment on a Facebook post, chat on IRC for hours, play online games, watch soap operas on TV, even listen to music or just hit continuously the refresh button on an imageboard or a kitten pic site like mindless zombies, this pool is being drained into the void.

When we stop and enjoy the silence, the pool starts to fill again. If you’ve ever tried to solve a complex problem in a noisy office environment, you know, that just going out for a moment, maybe to have a cigarette (I actually quit years ago) or to breath fresh air, or in any other way sealing the disturbing factors away from your mind will help you to fill the pool again and find a solution to your problem.

Blogging is creative work and your pool has to be filled with ideas that help to create the post for your readers. When your pool is drained, you cannot create anything. I’ve been draining my pool with all kinds of useless activities, but also exhausting myself with work, studies and all the hobbies I have. Sometimes you just need to rest and then light the spark again.

One of the insights of todays presentation was that you just cannot fake passion. Blogging is like sex. You have to do it for passion, otherwise it is fake and every reader will know it.

I believe I will find my passion for writing again, because I really like writing.