I survived the Christmas party

In Finland, having a company Christmas party often means that it is your last day on this planet and you have to party like you would never again have a chance to do so.

Some people drink themselves under the table, some people just want to have fun, while some others go home and whine how there is absolutely no sense to go out because it’s a cold winter, there’s snowing and you will probably get punched in the nose, while queueing for taxi.

For me the Christmas party means having fun with good friends. This time our company band was entertaining people with classic rock and punk songs. I’m the drummer of the band and I just love being on the stage, seeing all the people go wild when we play. This gig was very difficult, because the only thing I could hear was the lead guitar. Comments were mostly positive, so I don’t think we were bad. We were at least good enough. And next time we will be even better.

Marrow of the Spirit has arrived

There was a long waited surprise waiting for me when I got back home from work. The brand new Agalloch album Marrow of the Spirit had finally arrived.

I don’t really buy that much cds or vinyls anymore, but usually I try to spend my money in music that isn’t just plastic hits made for radio and masses to consume. I want to support bands and artists who write great music and love what they do and want to share their work with the whole world without nagging how internet piracy and Spotify are taking all their money.

This album is a limited black edition and numbered 525/2000. I hope it will someday be a valuable piece of music. Not because it will probably be worth more money after couple of years, but because it’s great stuff.