Customer Service And Social Media

Sometimes we, the customers, need some help with different products and services. Finding a way to contact customer service is not always easy. There might be a phone number or a feedback form on a company website. Modern companies often have a profile on a social media service.

Those are pretty much useless if nobody’s answering the questions customers are posting.

Calling customer service can be expensive and waiting times are long. Feedback forms most likely send the form contents to spam folder because nobody seems to ever get back to you. Social media is often also quiet. Just crickets. Few days ago I posted a question to a large Finnish consumer electronics retail store on Twitter and nobody ever answered it.

But there are exceptions.

Some software companies are efficient in using social media. If somebody asks a question, they will answer. They also pick up keywords automatically to find discussions about their products and services.

Want to let some steam out by bashing on Twitter how bad some service is? They might notice it and ask what they can do to make it better!

Need some help with a mysterious problem with your favorite app? Just tweet your question and they will get back to you.

If your company has an official strategy to have a social media presence, please be active in using it. If there’s a question, answer it. Take part in discussions, ask for feedback, help people who have problems with your products. Because that’s some damn good customer service.