• Level: Senior
  • Experience: First HTML website in 1999, full time work experience since 2007.
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I started studying computer sciences as I had a passion to make the web experience better than it usually was over 10 years ago. I’ve seen the change from static table layout websites to fully responsive web applications.

During my career I have moved from coding CMS driven websites to building and maintaining big web services and applications. I like working in agile multidisciplinary teams where developers and designers work together and aim for the best product in the market.

My dream team tries out new things, picks the best tools, and shares the learnings to others. I also like working in pairs. The team works hard to make things better, but doesn’t forget to have fun, as life would be boring without any fun!

Recently my favourite languages and tools have been JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript and React with a component based architecture.

I have also been interested in moving towards functional and reactive programming as I see that they provide better developer experience when working with a complex frontend architecture.

Special skills

Strong skills in creating beautiful readable code. Creates products and services, not just functions and libraries. Willing to learn new skills every day.

Some weapons of choice

JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, React, Redux, RxJS, Node.js, npm, Jest, mocha, Docker, PostgreSQL


You are always helping and have advice when you see people struggling with anything. No matter if in person or on Flowdock. Thanks for that!
– Anonymous colleague

Timo brought a lot of stability to our customer team and project in Munich. Thanks for your perseverance in all the code reviews :-)
– Anonymous colleague

Timo has worked in difficult projects with lots of traveling, and always kept his calm and provided like a pro.
– Anonymous colleague

Communicates clearly and openly, critical-thinking, creative problem-solving, designs software which is easy to understand and maintain, manages complexity, manages time, personable.
– Anonymous interviewers


Frontend Developer at Bud in London, United Kingdom

03/2018 – present. Frontend development in a fintech startup with Vue.js

Frontend Developer at Fleetboard Innovation Hub in Berlin, Germany

10/2017 – 02/2018. Full stack web development in logistics related web applications and services using mainly Angular 4 and 5, RxJS and Redux.

Senior Software Developer at Futurice GmbH in Berlin, Germany

02/2016 – 09/2017. Full stack web development in web application and website projects.


Frontend development in a payment and currency exchange platform project

I was part of a large multidisciplinary team building the next generation React based Internet banking application platform for an international financial company. All code was peer reviewed and we often worked in pairs to transfer knowledge and to ensure high quality.

Senior Software Developer at Futurice Ltd in London, United Kingdom

01/2015 – 01/2016. Front-end development in web application projects

Case examples

Front-end development in a platform demo project

My role was to create a web application demo for a new application development platform. The demo can show charts based on energy consumption data and it was built using React, Redux and D3. This demo was a very important first step in creating a whole new platform ecosystem for the customer.

Full-stack development in an audio application project

I built a Node.js / PostgreSQL middleware application as a bridge between the client application and the content API. I also wrote new features for a custom CMS powered by React, and implemented several features for the client application using React and Rx.js. This was my first project using Rx and React and a big step to the modern JavaScript development using streams and reactive programming.

Full-stack development in a configuration tool project

The application was an internal customer tool for creating and validating complex forms. It was built using Node.js and MongoDB. The forms were based on JSON schemas and the application supported also versioning of different schemas.

Software Developer at Futurice Oy in Helsinki, Finland

10/2013 – 12/2014. Full-stack development in web application projects

Case example

Ebook webshop catalogue tool

My role was to create an internal tool that allows webshop staff to add and edit metadata of the books in the catalogue and publish them in the store. The app was built using Angular.js, Node.js, Scala and MongoDB, and thoroughly tested with Jasmine and Robot Framework.

Web Designer at Sininen Meteoriitti in Helsinki, Finland

08/2012 – 10/2013. Front-end development and web design for medium sized and large website projects built on top of EPiServer 7 CMS, EPiServer 7 Relate and SharePoint 2010.

I returned to this company as I wanted to work in their very cool office with awesome workmates. I had a big role in moving the whole company towards modern responsive web development, but I wanted to become a better JavaScript programmer and the CMS driven projects didn’t really give much room to improve.

UX Designer at Luxus in Helsinki, Finland

03/2011 – 05/2012. UX design, concept design and user research for social, commercial and campaign websites and mobile applications.

Web Developer at Luxus in Helsinki, Finland

04/2010 – 03/2011. Web development for social, commercial and campaign websites.

Case examples

Node.js server to gather feedback in an event: My role was to create an app that can store visitor feedback data during a 2-day event. It was my first Node.js project and I know now what a callback hell is.

Custom YouTube channel: I created my first single page JavaScript application using only jQuery to show marketing videos on customer’s YouTube channel. I learned quickly that jQuery is not a very good tool to create web applications.

Web Designer at Sininen Meteoriitti in Helsinki, Finland

02/2008 – 04/2010. Front-end development and web design for medium sized and large website projects built on top of their own Meteor CMS (Not related to Meteor JS application platform).

Web Developer at Datapolis Solutions in Tampere, Finland

08/2007 – 02/2008. Front-end and back-end web development for websites built on top of Joomla! CMS.

Research Assistant at University of Jyväskylä in Jyväskylä, Finland

01-06/2004, 01-06/2005. Student application assessment and research assistant work

Special Needs Assistant at Suojarinne and City of Suolahti in Äänekoski, Finland

1996 – 1999. Assistant work at school for disabled children


Certified Scrum Product Owner


Certified Scrum Master


Master of Science at University of Tampere

2010 – 2013. Major: Interactive Technology. Minors: Computer Science, Design Management

Thesis: Responsive Web Design Workflow

Bachelor of Science at University of Tampere

2005 – 2010. Major: Interactive Technology. Minors: Computer Science, Psychology, Hypermedia

Thesis topic: Rich Internet Applications

Master of Arts in Education at University of Jyväskylä

2001 – 2005. Special Education Expert program for administration, planning and organisational duties in educational organisations.

Major: Special Education. Minors: Education, Psychology, Information and Communication Technology in Teaching.

Master’s thesis topic: School satisfaction

Bachelor’s thesis topic: Education funding system

Studies at Alkio College

1999 – 2001. Open university studies in Special Education, Education and Psychology

Further Qualification for Special Needs Assistants in Educational Institutions at The College of Central Finland

1997 – 1999. Qualification to work as an assistant at schools for disabled children

Matriculation examination at Suolahti Gymnasium



Music is my most important hobby. I go to gigs and festivals quite often, and I also play drums. Playing to a live audience is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever experienced!

Here’s my most recent performance at Blackland Open Stage in Berlin. One of the top moments as an artist was in 2009 when our company band won the Firmarock contest in Helsinki, Finland.

Besides music I also like console and board games, pub quizzes and craft beer. I grew up in a country where mass produced lager was the most popular beverage, so I really appreciate the beer culture I’ve experienced in Britain and Germany!

Side quests

Most of us have had very different jobs in the distant past.

  • Elementary school teacher substitute
  • Student application assessment
  • Seminar organiser
  • Factory worker (laminated plywood product processing)
  • Forklift driver
  • Office worker (payroll, invoicing, system administration)
  • Freelancer (print and web projects)
  • Strawberry picker
  • Garden worker
  • Library assistant