Hello, world!

Long time no see! I actually forgot that I have a blog, so it’s about time to write a new post.

Yesterday we had an alumni meet-up with the great colleagues from Luxus, where I used to work in 2010-2012. Many of us have worked quite a long time on the web industry, in both digital agencies and IT companies. It was nice to discuss about things from the past and debate about content manage systems and if modern HTML5, CSS and JS are just a new incarnation of DHTML!

We also talked about blogging, as many of us were active in the first wave of Finnish blogging scene. That made me think it indeed was nice to write new posts regularly for the Blogosphere. For some reason, it has been difficult to create any meaningful content after the breakthrough of social media. I’ve deleted so many drafts I never managed to finish. It has been way too easy to just share an interesting link on Twitter or Facebook instead of writing a proper blog post about it.

So, from now on, it’s less social media (read: Facebook) for me and more posting interesting content.