Audience makes the show

Sometimes when a foreign superstar comes to Finland to perform, they tell in an interview, that Finnish audience is the best in the world.

Of course they are just polite and want to make their audience feel that they really are the best.

My opinion is that Finnish audience usually is very quiet and stiff. No one sings along. Only a few wave their hands. Sometimes you can even see a moshpit. Of course there are exceptions and sometimes even Finnish ultra shy audience will blow the place up.

Today I was again reminded that it really matters how the audience takes part in the show. I saw Roger Waters performing Pink Floyd’s The Wall in the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland.

I was really amazed how every freaking man and woman was singing and shouting all the time from the very beginning to the end. The show itself was great enough to get on your top 3 list (it got to second place after Porcupine Tree in Ilosaarirock festival in 2007 on my list), but the audience really made it an experience you will never forget. Thank you Dublin. It was awesome.

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